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The Best Mosquito Trap Review

Best mosquito trapThis page presents a comprehensive guide on how to select the best mosquito trap. One of the best ways to kill thousands of mosquitoes in the garden or wipe out a local population. They can be small units the size of air purifiers or very big as BBQ. The best mosquito traps don’t repel mosquitoes but attract and kill them. They are powered by electricity or propane. Because mosquitoes find their prey by detecting CO2, octenol and other chemical odors, as well as light and heat, various brands produce CO2, octenol, heat, or light – or a combination of those – to lure mosquitoes in, then trap them in containers where they die. A good internet site for more informations is here. Once the mosquitoes get close to the traps, fans capture and force them into catch basins or bags or onto sticky boards to die. Different mosquito species respond in different ways to the attractants e.g. the Asian tiger mosquito, which can transmit Zika, Dengue fever and yellow fever, is a daytime biter and responds better to visual attractants than chemical odors.

In comparison to chemicals, the Mosquito trap is the best option for large surfaces such as yards, garden, patio, etc. However, the main issue is that it doesn’t work immediately (it can take up to 1 week to kill a mosquito population). So for instant action, refer to one of our Reviews of the best mosquito sprays here or scroll down the Menu above “Best Mosquito Repellents”.



Top 5 Best Mosquito Trap


Insect and Mosquito Trap with Ultralight and Suction Fan, Pesticide and Odor Free
electricity300 sq ft$2.3

Dynatrap XL Insect Trap Model DT2000XL - 1 Acre
electricity/CO21 acre$$3.3

Mega-Catch Pro 900 ULTRA Mosquito Trap
CO21.5 acres$$$$3.9

Blue Rhino SV3100 SkeeterVac Mosquito Eliminator, 1-Acre Coverage
propane1 acre$$3.1

Koolatron Guardian Pro Bite Shield Cordless 1-Acre Propane Mosquito Trap
propane1 acre$$$2.7
$:0-149; $$:150-299; $$$: 300-599; $$$$: 600 and more.


How to Make the Right Choice ?

best mosquito trapThere are several types of best mosquito traps and it’s not easy to select the best mosquito trap: they can use electricity, propane or CO2 (carbon dioxide). Note that propane mosquito traps can be named as CO2 mosquito traps because propane is used to produce CO2. The propane sold domestically in the United States is usually a mixture of propane, butane and propylene. Below is the advantages of each energy source:

  • Electricity: Probably one of the most significant advantages of electric powered traps is in their ease of use, especially over traps that rely on propane to produce CO2.
  • Propane: Several brands have had significant problems with the connections between their propane tanks and their traps. But the most popular and effective in large area.
  • CO2:  Canisters are less expensive to run and are simple to install and considered safer to use because there is nothing being burned.

Propane mosquito traps utilize two different types of attractant, Lurex and mosquito trap Octenol is used in the North, East Coast and Midwest. Lurex is used in the South because different types of mosquitoes live there.

best mosquito trapLurex has been specifically designed to target the Asian Tiger Mosquito carrying for exampe Zika viirus, West Nile fever and Dengue fever. Note that they are approved by EPA and environmentally friendly.


Aspektec’s Insect and Mosquito Trap with Ultralight and Suction Fan

best mosquito trapThe Mosquito Suction Trap by Aspectek is one of the best mosquito trap of small size. It attracts and kills mosquitos and other flying insects including biting flies, stink bugs and small beetles. An Ultraviolet bulb generates insect-attracting light that draws mosquitoes toward the trap. A whisper-quiet vacuum fan sucks insects into the retaining cage where they quickly dehydrate and die. A unique twist-to-close feature guarantees any insects still alive in the retaining cage will not escape when the trap is turned off. Closing the top shuts off trap and keeps any still-living mosquitoes or bugs inside. It is convenient for travel, patios, kitchens and porches.


  • Non-toxic, no chemicals or poisons
  • Ultraviolet light attracts mosquitoes into trap
  • Protects up to 300 sq ft
  • Quiet to use in house
  • Only 3 Watts of power

Click here to read user reviews and compare prices on Amazon

Mosquito Magnet MM4100 Patriot Mosquito Trap

best mosquito trapA lot of people who bought this one considered the Mosquito Magnet Patriot as one of the best mosquito trap on the market. It’s easy to use. The provided 50-foot, 12V power cord allows placement away from the family area yet near the mosquitoes’ breeding and resting areas. Lawn clips are provided to help secure the power cord. The heavy-duty plastic and marine grade metals make it ideal for harsh environments. The enhanced Mosquito Magnet Patriot has been designed for the homeowner who needs to protect up to a 1 acre area. For optimal results, run your trap 24 hours a day in order to break the mosquitoes’ breeding cycle. Allow 4 weeks to see significant results. The Patriot mosquito trap uses patented Counterflow Technology. This technology allows the trap to emit a precise plume of CO2, heat, and moisture that attracts the biting insects to the trap, while simultaneously vacuuming them into a net where they dehydrate and die within 24 hours. The Mosquito Magnet mimics a large mammal by emitting a plume of carbon dioxide, heat and moisture, which when combined with an additional attractant, Octenol or Lurex3.


  • Silent and odorless.
  • Up to 1 acre in size.
  • Patented CounterFlow Technology emits a plume of CO2, heat, and moisture.
  • Includes 50-foot low voltage cord & lawn clips to secure cord

Click here to read user reviews and compare prices on Amazon

Blue Rhino SV3100 SkeeterVac Mosquito Eliminator

best mosquito trapThe Blue Rhino SkeeterVac selected as one of the best mosquito trap in our Guide transforms clean-burning propane into CO2 to attract mosquitoes into its trap.Once the bugs are attracted, the Vac&Tac trapping system utilizes a powerful vacuum and sticky paper traps to securely capture them. Propane tank is sold separately. A rain cover protects the mosquito trap from the elements and from children. Assembly and maintenance take only minutes, and no tools are necessary. Within 4 to 6 weeks, an insect reduction can be observed within 1 acre. The Motion Lighting feature attracts a broader range of insects to increase your capture rate. It’s quiet, odorless, child-safe, and presents no pesky cords to trip over or get in the way of the lawn mower. A 1-year limited warranty is included.


  • Electronic ignition
  • Assembles easily in minutes
  • Measures 25 x 12 x 19 inches; weighs 19 pounds

Click here to read user reviews and compare prices on Amazon


Koolatron Guardian Pro Bite Shield Cordless 1-Acre Propane Mosquito Trap

best mosquito trapThe Cordless Guardian Pro mosquito trap requires the installation of a 20 pound propane tank, sold seperately. It utilizes the documented attractiveness of carbon dioxide (CO2), moisture, body temperature(thermal imaging), color, shape and airflow in an effective design that captures and kills mosquitoes. It’s easy to assemble. This weatherproof unit covers a full acre of land. Measuring 19 by 16 by 14.2 inches, and weighing just 28 pounds, the Bite Shield is easy to transport and tucks away just about anywhere.


  • Propane mosquito trap for cordless trapping anywhere
  • Covers up to 1 acre
  • Dual attraction system converts propane into carbon monoxide and uses octenol
  • Air flow vacuum sucks in the little blood suckers
  • Vacuum powered by thermoelectric technology
  • Cordless

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Dynatrap XL Insect Trap Model DT2000XL

best mosquito trapThe DYNATRAP offers a 3-way protection plan for insect elimination. First, UV fluorescent bulbs produce warm light to attract insects to the DYNATRAP. Second, an exclusive coating of titanium dioxide (TiO2) inside Dynatrap produces carbon dioxide (CO2), which is irresistible to mosquitoes. Third, the insects are lured to the powerful vacuum fan, where they are collected and trapped into the retaining cage away from the area of usage providing the user safe pest protection and comfortable living quarters.


  • Easy to set-up and Protects up to 1 acre.
  • No Zapping or Buzzing Sound
  • Dual attraction with UV light and CO2
  • Bulbs last 3000 hours or 4 months



Click here to read user reviews and compare prices on Amazon

Mega-Catch Pro 900 ULTRA Mosquito Trap

best mosquito trapThe Mega-Catch ULTRA Mosquito Trap mimics sensory signals is likely one of the best mosquito trap in its category. It attracts mosquitoes and other common biting insects from as far away as 150ft. Revolutionary Mosquito-Attracting-Stimuli (MAS) settings, and there are literally thousands of options, enables the Mega-Catch ULTRA to be fine-tuned to target specific mosquito species. While Mega-Catch Mosquito Traps need no carbon dioxide (CO2) to attract mosquitoes, operation of the patented Variable Quantity Slow CO2 Gas Release System will boost capture rates. The Mega-Catch ULTRA mosquito trap contains all the hardware needed to connect the trap to a CO2 cylinder (not included) which can be filled at hundreds of gas supply outlets throughout North America. The package contents includes:1 x MCU-900 Mega-Catch mosquito trap incorporating multifunctional programmable timer, 1 x Liquid Catch Container, 1 x Standard Catch Bag, 1 x External Skirt, 1 x 110-240/12 Volt Weatherproof Transformer, 1 x 60 foot Low-Voltage Extension Cord, 1 x Optional CO2 Gas Attractant System including low pressure gas regulator and 3 foot gas cable with snaplock fittings (cylinder not included), 1 x Stand (zinc plated/powder coated), 1 x Operation Manual.


  • Maximum range – 150 feet (45m)
  • Maximum coverage – 1.5 acres (0.6 hectare)
  • Patented Variable Quantity Slow CO2 Gas Release System to boost capture rates
  • Revolutionary Mosquito-Attracting-Stimuli (MAS) settings

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Do-it-yourself Mosquito Trap ?

This video says “Very cheap, effective and easy to make at home”. They won’t likely replace one of the best mosquito trap described above but it could be very useful in outdoor camping activities if you didn’t bring your mosquito trap with you. Let’s try !


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